A little bit about our home.

Cima Coppi was started in Vancouver in the summer of 2008 in East Vancouver. This area, which was and still is home to many immigrant families during the 60’s and 70’s has been dubbed “Little Italy” for quite some time. “The Drive” another of the monikers for the Commercial Drive area is rich with an old Italian and Portuguese feel while having a tremendous melting pot of numerous cultures. It is certainly one of the most culturally diverse communities I have lived in and I have been happy to have it as my home for the better portion of 10 years.

Now, the city is changing rapidly and the big focus on Vancouver and BC will be the 2010 games. These games bring much attention and maybe more debate to our little city, and without getting into how I feel about it personally, I can only say that it will be interesting to see how things turn out in the next six months. One small detail I am very happy about is the re-introduction of the Tourism slogan “Super. Natural. British Columbia.” We’ll just forget about the last one, but we may have a hard time getting the license plates back. Here is the first cut of the 90 second promo spot for the Province. I’ve seen most of the places featured in the video, and they are pretty darn nice. I would have liked to see some more bikes in the piece, especially considering the significance of mountain biking here. I know, that there may have been a focus on winter activities, but considering we went for a 50km mid-January ride on Saturday, wearing just our wool jerseys, I’d say biking wouldn’t have been out of place. Well anyway, for those of you who haven’t been to BC, take a look.

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