A little distraction while I work

So, I’ve been busy trying to piece together the cost estimations for the 2010 Cima Coppi Tour, but have not completed this quite yet. So while you wait for me to do so, I thought I would share this with you. Call it a five year plan. If you’ve heard of “La Maratona” put up your hand. If not, well you have now. “La Maratona” is one of the most popular Italian Gran Fondo’s currently running, with the first being in 1987. For those of you who aren’t exactly sure what a Gran Fondo is the basic idea goes like this: Mass start event open to amateurs and professionals alike. Generally there are two or three courses – a short, a medium, and the full course. They are wildly popular in Italy and the first Canadian Gran Fondo is this September from Vancouver to Whistler

The full name of this particular Italian Gran Fondo is “La Maratona dles Dolomites” and it is an up-to-138km race through the Dolomites in North Eastern Italy. Now, I went through the Dolomites on the 2009 Cima Coppi Tour and I can tell you they are spectacular, steep and very challenging. La Maratona gains 13,700ft in 138km and the top times are around the 4h 30min mark for the best of the 9000 participants. Each year there is a lottery to see who can join with 4800 open spaces, and about 20,000 registrations for said lottery spots.

La Maratona seems like one of those life goals, akin to the Boston Marathon if you are a runner. Below I have included the course profile, and maybe someday in the near future I’ll try it. Who knows?, maybe you will too.

Read more about La Maratona on the home page


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