New Tour, New Blog Format, New Web format. New for 2010.

Hello everyone. Exciting news first, the 2010 Cima Coppi Tour is in the works and should be starting to have details solidified by mid-January. The first look will be released 01-01-10! This year I hope to be able to extend the experience to a few other interested individuals who want to spend some time mid-July exploring Madrid, Spain, taking in some of the 2010 Tour De France and cycling the French and Spanish Pyrenees! More to come soon. Keep checking in.

As well, Cima Coppi is undergoing some changes to streamline the website and blog experience over the next few weeks. The plan is to simplify the main page and add more information about materials, product features and manufacturing. We hope to more simply integrate Etsy as our primary web-based purchasing platform. Also, the hope is to fill-in some of the gaps left out on the strategies implemented on our path to be a sustainable manufacturer.

Lastly, I aim to shift this blog from a Tour-specific blog, to a place where I can share my interests about cycling and sustainability – two integral parts of Cima Coppi. If you are new to the blog, take some time to read about last year’s solo 2009 Cima Coppi Tour! Enjoy.


Cima Coppi.


2 thoughts on “New Tour, New Blog Format, New Web format. New for 2010.

  1. Hello Patricia and Lawrence,
    I received my jerseys and caps yesterday. The jerseys and caps look great, and fit exactly as prescribed by your measurements. The colours and details are exact.
    Giuseppe Diluciano

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