Day 20 – Barcelona – Madrid


I had a full day to kill in Barcelona and I was going to do it biking. I wanted to see as much Gaudi as possible and to run up the total km’s closer to an even 3000.

Day of Journey:
Stage 15, Day 20, May 22nd, 2009.

Time Traveled:
107.8km (The whole day 6am-9pm)

Distance Traveled:
~750km (Train and Bicycle – 26hours)

Travel Methods:
Train (~650km), Bicycle (107.8km)

Total Distance Biked:
2866km (15 stages, three rest and one city day)


“Hanging out here in Madrid. The bicycling trip is finished, but the tapas and cañas marathon has just begun. That one is easy though!”
“I´ll be updating the blog with pics and all when I return. An amazing journey, with great people, great vistas, food and more. NOT ONE FLAT!”

So What Happened?

The final day of riding before I went to Madrid. After waking up from the most terrible outdoor sleep of my life I rode to the train station at 4am and slept there for 3 hours. Then, I got a coffee and a croissant and started riding. I rode everywhere and saw everything I could in one day, spending the entirety of said day on my bike. I rode for almost 13 hours averaging about 10kmp/h overall – I was really taking it easy. I had to find a bike box at the end of it all and had a tremendous ordeal getting my pedals off because none of the first four shops I went to would let me use their pedal wrench but soon it was all over. That night I was on the train to Madrid, sleeping in luxury again. The long cold night in Barcelona was behind me and so was my Cima Coppi tour.

Picture(s) of the Day:



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