Day 6 – Venice


A travel day to Venice and a little R&R after the short first week. I left Aosta late and slept on the trains even though there were three transfers and waits. I arrived in Venice at 7am and started riding around. I guess the cops don’t wake up until 10 because that’s about when they kicked me out of the city for riding my bike. I explored Mestre and met with my couchsurf hosts. A nice relaxing day in a beautiful city.

Day of Journey:

Travel Day, May 8th, 2009.

Time Traveled:

Train 10h01m (490km)

Distance Traveled:

530km (Train – 490km) (Bike – 40km)

Travel Methods:

Train – Tren Italia (Cost: 33.85€), Bike

Total Distance Biked:

575km (4 stages, one rest day)

Twitter updates: “Touring around Venice & Mestre today. Rode 40km, more than expected, and its even forbidden in Venice. Imagine that! Tomorrow, I watch TTT”

So What Happened?

After deciding to not ride back into France over the PSB from Aosta, I was able to take advantage of the cheap, but not surprisingly, slow train to Venice. That night was interesting as it was a combination of trying to sleep on the train and stay awake so I wasn’t mugged. The cops woke me up and forced me to move twice. The Tren Italia staff told me to get my bike out of the bike only car because it was closed, and then the cops told me to get it back in there because it was a evacuation hazzard. I slept on the car in Verona, while I waited for a two hour transfer. I only had to move twice because someone sketchy looking would come on the empty and totally dark train, sit right across from me and go to sleep. That is really weird.

When I finally got to Venice it was well worth the troubled journey. I don’t need to say anything about Venice other than “Go.” It’s definitely the most unique city I have visited and such a visionary concept to build on the water, that doesn’t sink in until you experience it.

After getting kicked out of Venice for riding my bike which is forbidden anywhere in the city except the Island of Lido, I rode to Mestre where I would stay for the next two nights with my CS host Martina and her flatmates. It was a great flat and Mestre has it’s only sights and attractions. I went to bed quite early and eagerly anticipated the TTT the following day.

Picture of the Day:



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