Day 2 – Strasbourg to Colmar

Yes, it's squished. It was uphill, but it wasn't a mountain.
Yes, it's squished. It was uphill, but it wasn't a mountain.



The first day of riding flew by. Geoffroy took me to the Canal from Strasbourg and I flew down it onto the highway and to Colmar. I had the wind at my back and the weather was perfect. I left Strasbourg around 3 o’clock and was in Colmar before six. I met the next hosts, a French family of five, ate well and slept well. An excellent day overall. The garage incident kept things interesting.

Day of Journey:

Stage 1 of 21, May 4th, 2009.
Time Traveled:
2hr 15m (75km)
Distance Traveled:
82km total (75km riding, 7km touring Colmar)
Travel Methods:
Bike – 75km

Twitter update:
“First day done and with the wind at my back! La rue – tres belle. La temperature – tres bien. Going to sleep in Colmar. 75kms in 2h15m.” May 4th

So What Happened?

After touring Strasbourg in the morning with Geoffroy, we rode to the canal and I was off. The canal was in quite good condition but there were section of roots from trees breaking the payment which made for a bumpy ride. I kept telling myself that it was nothing compared to Paris-Roubaix, so I powered over them and only stopped to pick up my water bottle a couple of times. it was pretty rough actually. The day was uneventful, no mechanicals, no getting lost, and perfect conditions. The 75km flew by and the route into Colmar was great, clear and easy. I walked around the city for a while, a cute little place with some nice cathedrals and even a Petite Venice. It’s as if they knew I was going there.

I met up with Corinne and her family, which initially I was concerned with staying with a family, but it was great. The kids were super cute and found it hilarious that they could all speak French better than I, even Emile who was 5. At around 10pm, Corinne realized that she didn’t know where the key to the garage was. the garage where, their bicycles were being stored… and mine as well. After frantically searching for the key to the very secure garage, we decided to sleep on it. The next morning I was awoken by more frantic searching, and I began to get a bit worried. I had 200km’s ahead of me and there was rain on the horizon, what if I had to wait a bunch of hours to get going? And then…crash! Corrine’s husband broke the door down and we were in! It was impressive. That day it was 200+ to Besançon.

Picture(s) of the Day:
French bike, French city, I think I was even eating a croissant when I took this. It sounds super cheesy, but really, does it get any better than this?


If you`re wondering, these mini route lists really work. 6pt… not 5pt.

For those wondering, these route lists really work.


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