Here today, Bonn tomorrow…well, Frankfurt actually.


The big day has come. I am leaving tonight at 22:20 and arriving in Frankfurt tomorrow at 17:25. From there it’s on the train to Strasbourg and meeting up with my first host Geoffroy. He is totally into bikes and casts metal! I’m sure we will get along well. I’ve been up since 4:30 this morning (went to bed last night at 9:30) to try to get somewhat adjusted to the time change. I also hope to be exhausted when the plane takes off so that maybe I can sleep. I’ve been very busy wrapping things up before I go, but I feel good, feel prepared. I do still have some lingering effects of the cold I had, or its a new one. I woke up a little stuffy today, but have been feeling this a little for the last four or five days.

Here is the latest route plan, it’s even a little more efficient (only stage 16, Giro stage 10, has changed). I’m happy with it I guess. Once the giro organizers changed Stage 10 – Cuneo to Pinerolo, I lost interest in doing that route for three reasons. 1. It was out of the way, heading in the wrong direction. 2. It no longer went over the Col D’Izoard and has been replaced with arguably less interesting climbs. 3. The Cima Coppi, the heighest point in the race, will now be Blockhaus on the Giro’s 17th stage and way down by Rome, so there’s no chance of me riding it. As a result, I wanted something epic to replace it, and I never did my “Milan – San Remo” training ride, so I’ll do the real course instead. It will be mostly flat, compared to the old plan, but epic long at 288km and it has some ups that are worth noting. I feel confident I can still look at this as my queen stage and it will be very cool to do one of the oldest and most prestigious one-day classics. In fact, the race most recently won by Mark Cavendish, was first run in 1909 and was won by Coppi himself, three times, in ’46, ’48 and ’49. Here is the map elevation map:


So, I’ll be writing or blogging next from Europe, maybe a bit here and there from a CouchSurfers’ house, I still need to get some requests out but so far I have the first half basically covered. Here’s hoping all goes well, and the sun fights through the clouds this time around. See you in Barcelona.

– Lawrence

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