Training no more.

So I have been taking a little break from blogging and riding and enjoying the sun before I go on my trip. I went to the Yann Tiersen concert last night which was great. The last training ride I did was on Sunday coming back from Maple Ridge and the first where I got a flat. Isn’t that always the way? I figured I would briefly recap what my training objectives were and what I actually accomplished.

What I set out to do, excluding my daily commute:

Mar15-21 – Week 1 – 200kms
Mar22-28 – Week 2 – 400kms
Mar29-A4 – Week 3 – 600kms
April 5-11 – Week 4 – 800kms
Apr 12-18 – Week 5 – 800kms
Apr 19-25 – Week 6 – 500kms
Apr 26-M2 – Week 7 – off
Total: 3300km in 6 weeks

what I actually did:

W1 – 140km (-60)
W2 – 220km (-180)
W3 – 190km (-410)
W4 – 161km (-639) *sick
W5 – 461km (-339)
W6 – 160km (-340)
Total: 1332km in 6 weeks.

So looking back I realize that for someone who has never “trained” in the conventional sense before, I set my expectations a little high. I also feel very happy with the amount of riding I did get in. 1332km’s on top of my normal riding will definitely help when I am over in Europe. That’s an average of an extra 222km per week of riding. I also feel very good about my condition to ride a 200-250km day at a high intensity after the result of the Buccaneer 200. We’ll see how my body responds when I start doing that distance daily on Monday.

– Lawrence


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