Buccaneer 200 and training summary – Week 5



Thursday and Friday I was off the training bike and only did my regular commute. This was in effort to get some R&R before the weekend, and recover from the rides M-W. Saturday, was the Buccaneer 200 and while I did get up at 5:45a.m. I certainly didn’t feel like I wanted to. I ended up taking a very long time to get ready and this resulted in me having to ride to the start instead of taking the bus. This added 25km to an already long 203km day. I rode the Buccaneer 200 quite aggressively, riding 122.8km of it alone (a middle section of 56.2km and the last 66.6km). Overall I felt pretty strong and only had one short section of about 5km where I was really lacking power, so I ate 3 mini chocolate bars to get over that hump. One of my favorite parts of long bike rides is eating all the chocolate bars. I finished the marathon (not race) first with a time of 7hours and 21minutes. This time was 21 minutes ahead of the next group of three riders, and 23 minutes ahead of the group of 5 that split on me after the first checkpoint. *An interesting side note, I asked them to wait 30 seconds while I went to take a piss, and they ‘attacked’ while I was in the Lou, sprinting away and resulting in me riding that second stretch of 56.2km by myself in the wind, until I caught them. Not cool. Needless to say, I didn’t feel guilty riding away alone over the final 66km. Oh well, I had hoped to finish in under 7 hours riding time (excluding time at checkpoints, and in the washroom) but I missed that by 11 minutes. My average speed upon completion was 29.2km/h, which I am happy with. The results of the ride can be seen here: 2009 results. The following day, on Sunday, Patricia and I rode out to Pitt Meadows to watch the hockey game at a friend’s house and added 36km to the week’s training to give a satisfying total of 461km.

– Lawrence


One thought on “Buccaneer 200 and training summary – Week 5

  1. Congrats on finishing the 200km way ahead of others! Shame that the front pack didn’t wait for you.

    I think I asked you about fixed gear bikes and gear inches while you and the GF were riding along False Creek, sometime late last year. You also mentioned about the European bike tour you did on the fixed. Not long after that I went and bought a Redline 925 and have been loving it.

    Good luck on your trip this year! This time around, post more pictures! 🙂

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