Two more training rides – Sat & Mon.


Uhhh, Cypress hurt today.
Uhhh, Cypress hurt today.

On Saturday morning I yelled a big HTFU at myself and we rode out to my sister’s house. The pace was quite pedestrian but it was good to get in an additional 105km for the week, again short of 200 (on a week I had aimed to attempt 800, ha!) but I guess that’s what getting sick will do to you, or me at least. To make up for it, I’m trying again to start this week off well, so I took the afternoon off after finishing marking and rode the Horseshoe Bay Cypress Climb with Duane which was fun. The pace was not crazy fast to horseshoe bay, but that was good at the beginning, suiting me fine because I really hoped to go for it up Cypress. 15 km and 43minutes later, frozen to the bone I was at the top, riding through the snowy-walled roads while skiers and snowboarders looked at me like I was crazy in just a pair of riding shorts and a short-sleeve jersey. That was the quickest I have done Cypress, averaging 20.9km/h up the road, but I didn’t feel as strong as I had hoped and really had to battle my way up. It may have been the cold (temp) the cold (lingering sickness) or the cold drops (some spicy oregano death potion Duane tried to kill me with) that were to blame, or it just could have been lazy legs but all in all I am happy to have done the 97km on an Easter Monday.

– Lawrence


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