Sneezing + Rain + No Holiday = No fun


I have been having an off-week. After a great ride on Monday my Tuesday training was pleasantly interrupted by free tickets to the Flames vs Canucks game, which was amazing! Wednesday started going down hill as I started feeling really sick, so I left work early and canceled the 2nd training ride this week. Yesterday, I was still feeling down and I made the decision to opt out of the Eau De Hell weekend cause I need to work today and on Monday. I got new Sidi’s off Craigslist though! I have also been reading Tour de Force, a slightly pro-Armstrong (who’s back in the news for test-dodging) book my friend Scott lent me which, amongst a myriad of other pro-cycling insights, details riding, the resulting lower white blood cell counts and ease of getting sick. Interesting. Now instead, I have been trying to rest up and am thinking of riding my own 200km Saturday/200km Sunday out to my sisters house in Abbotsford and back. The next big problem is the rain; the weekend is forecast for downpour starting tonight. We’ll see how it all turns out, but I think I need a big HTFU yelled at me because the combination of rain and this cold are really not adding up to me doing or wanting to do much riding this week. “Cycling gods, please give me sun on Saturday morn’.” Anyone want to go ride 200km out to Abbotsford in the pouring rain with me? I know, it’ll be so much easier when I have to do it.



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