Itinerary sheets and Maps

rvv_liquigas_franzoi_climbs2Following the 63rd Tour De Flanders, which was won in dominating style for the second time by Stijn Devolder, I stumbled across a picture which peaked my interest. Typically on long touring rides or randonneur rides the rain proof pocket is used, hanging from the bars or built into the lid of a bar bag, which is a great idea. Well, the pros, they just print out wee itty-bitty sheets of paper and tape them to their stem. I think this is a brilliant idea. In fact, it would be great to have a couple on the bars with maps of complex areas, distances, points of interest and so on. I remember in school when we could have a one page cheat sheet for some tests it became as much a test to see how tiny you could print on your cheat sheet. I envision ones printed before hand and stored in an Altoids container, then the day-of just tape it on with some packing tape to waterproof it. Done. I’m going to test this theory this weekend at the 200/300, but for now I’m going to go practice reading 5 point fonts.

– Lawrence


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