More training rides


I completed another cycle of riding this weekend that almost matched the previous weekend. Thursday, I did three loops of Stanley Park again for 34km. Saturday morning I did 40km out to Richmond and picked up new cranks for my creak prone situation. The new record cranks are much better but there is still a substantial amount of creaking. Today, I did the Pacific Populaire with Scott, Jo, Rick, Alissa and Patricia. Patricia and I ended up doing a leisurely 115km today. That brings the week total to 190km. I’m not doing as much riding as I would have hoped up to this point, but I’ve been doing a good base amount. Tomorrow is forecast to be beautiful so I may ride out to Horseshoe Bay after work and start the week off well. Also Saturday and Sunday are the 200 and 300km rides for the Eau de Hell week. Stay Tuned.

– Lawrence


2 thoughts on “More training rides

  1. Wow, you did a lot of riding these past few days. I did the PP 100 yesterday, my first time and my longest ever ride, it was awesome. I started biking in July 2008.

    1. George, that’s great! You’ve been riding for less than a year and you have already done 100km. I think it took me a number of years before I did my first 100. Well, it sure was the day for it, I’m even sporting a little sunburn. All the best, hopefully I’ll see you out there sometime. Maybe at the 200!

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