How to get lost and alienate people


At about 11 last night I was informed that the Victoria Populaire randonneurs ride was today. I, of course at the last minute, thought it would be a great idea to get four and a half hours sleep, wake up at 5am and ride to the ferry, surprise my friends and participate. This would give me at least 180km of training, which sounded great. Well, everything was going smoothly until the fog rolled in and my blind detour took me down the 99 towards White Rock. I still don’t know how I screwed that up and why it took me about 8km to realize I was going in the wrong direction, but it happened. It completely reminded me of getting lost riding in the wrong direction in France. After turning around, hammering back toward the ferry and getting chased by a German Shepard, I arrived 7 minutes late just in time to see the ferry turning for Swartz Bay. So, I turned around myself, and rode home. The good news was I felt pretty strong, strong enough to out sprint a German Shepard and rode the 62km (as opposed to the planned 47km) in an 1h 45. All in all the route today was 111km which brings the week total up to 215km. I might go for a light ride this evening and burn off a bit more energy. Still well short of 400km.

– Lawrence


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