Lance Down


Ok, So I’m not the biggest Lance Armstrong fan in the world, but I also don’t wish the guy any harm. I very much recognize the excitement he generates as an athlete and respect the great things he has done for cancer awareness and fund raising. Also, the thought of him riding his first Giro D’Italia while I would be there watching was a novel concept. Well, his Giro plans all but vanished today as he unfortunately had a run in with a ditch while racing the Castilla Y León in Spain. Bummer. I know, of course to a lesser extent, how devastating it can seem immediately after an injury which threatens to throw one’s plans out the window. Just a month before I did my 10:1 ride I fractured a toe in a workplace injury when a cast iron pump fell on my foot. (I was even wearing steel toes). I thought my event was done, not only the physical training wasted, but also all the fund raising I did was threatened. However, after about three weeks rest, I was back on the bike and with a little pain pedaling again. Well, hopefully Lance doesn’t suffer to many setbacks and is back in time for the Giro.

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– Lawrence


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