Weekend Update


Recapping the weekend and the first week of training. I had aimed to do 200km of riding this first week (March 16-22) on top of the normal 12+km I do per day for my commute. Well, after visiting the LBS and having some mecahnical issues with the bike brought to my attention (bent derailleur hanger, poor shifting, worn derailleur pulleys, crankset swap, worn bearing in the freehub) it was recommended to get these things addressed and not hammer out a bunch of riding. Therefore, Saturday was a 20km light ride and Sunday was reduced from 182km to 120km. Morgan and I hammered pretty hard through North Van, which hurt a little, and then the rest was to build endurance so Patricia and I rode out the rest and had a nice lunch in Steveston. It was Patricia’s first 100km+ day! Then it was back to the shop to get the bike tuned. It turns out the hanger was fine and everything else cleaned up pretty well. The good news was the bike felt great, comfortable, fast and fits like a charm. I already want to be on the bike again. Next planned ride is an after work boot out to Horseshoe Bay and back.

Week one total training distance: 140km. (60km short of goal)



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