First Training Ride – 182km

just a .jpg Link is below
just a .jpg Link is below

The first training ride happens this Sunday, March 22, 2009. I will leave the main NW Trout Lake parking lot at 9am, probably after a well-digested breakfast from Bon’s. From there I will ride the 20km Bridge (2nd) to Bridge (Lions) to Bridge (Burrard) at high intensity to build strength. Then I will meet up with others the do the remaining 162km Loop shown below at a medium-light intensity to build endurance. The highlight of the route will include the 16% climb up Buena Vista Avenue in White Rock, which I hope to hang it all out for, again to build power. From there it will be an exhausted spin home. Join in.


2 thoughts on “First Training Ride – 182km

  1. Sheesh. I’m tempted to say I’d love to do this, but I suspect by the time you got to the New Westminster Highway portion I’d just collapse, despite a daily commute of pretty reasonable length.

    Nice route.

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