Back to the Bike

Look KG 386 HM

Hell ya! My shifters arrived in the mail and are now on my bike! So, the bike is basically ready. It’s looking good and feeling good. I am excited to start riding it. It’s been built up of a whole bunch of used bits and pieces and I had to sell a few bikes to get the money for this one. Well I like it, and I’m happy to be able to ride it soon. I would like to say thanks to:

Tim – You better enjoy my…err your GT Track, it’s a beauty, don’t beat the sh*t out of it.
Hustle – I hope you’re loving the Cannondale, and sorry Tim beat you to the GT.
Charles – You gotta send me a pic when you get the Bianchi built up.
Mark – Get those Shimano shifters on your bike and let’s go for a ride.

Roberto – Thanks for the Chorus Gruppo, it looks fine on the Look
Mehmet – Thank you for the super deal on the saddle! It’s fine.
Jordan – The Look frame is amazing, thank you.
Soxiam – The stem was the final piece, you’re too generous.

Just gotta swap over the cranks and get the stem on and it’s done. Anyone wanna sell me a couple of Look carbon bottle cages?


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