Not the tools I will be taking - another pic coming soon
Not the tools I will be taking - another pic coming soon

It’s important to figure out just how much, or how little I can carry and a good place to start is with tools. I will, of course, give this list a dry run to see the weight and bulk of the list but as it stand I plan to carry with me:

1 Spare folding tire (or a chunk of a tire to put between the tube and a slashed tire hole, I have actually been testing this out and it works well. I have been riding on a tire with a 2cm slash in it for about 400km now, and it’s fine. It saves carrying a whole tire around when I should be able to buy one at the end of the day. Or maybe I’ll steal one from Astana when they aren’t looking. I’m sure they use standard off-the-shelf clinchers.)

1 Spare tube
2 tire levers
1 multitool
1 Chainbreaker with built-in spoke wrench
1 pump (or I could buy CO2 when I get to Germany, I don’t think you can take it on the plane.)
1 patch kit
1 extra spoke
1 tube Superglue
2 Zip-ties
1 set of latex gloves

I may also bring:

1 Flat 13mm/15mm wrench

1 Presta/Schraeder adapter

Now, just to figure out what I am going to put these tools in. I may make a tiny little backpack that can carry these and other items in, or perhaps something that can fit in a bottle cage. The instructables has a mini kit that fits in an Altoids container, maybe that is what I should be aiming for.

– Lawrence


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