One very important aspect of this trip is sharing my experience with those who are excited by it. Another is the logistics of where I will stay each night. This is where comes in. For those of you reading this blog who are unaware of couch surfing, allow me to inform you of one of the greatest social tools on the internet. Couch surfing is simply a network of individuals prepared to share their experiences, local knowledge, and home to travelers. The ‘contract’ is that if you host in your home you will likely be hosted yourself. I have been a member of couch surfing for about 2 years and have enjoyed the experience immensely, both surfing and hosting, and I have met many friends and shared many stories over this time. I even hosted the creator of couch surfing! My hope is that I can find a host for each of the nights of my trip, allowing me to forgo packing a tent and other sleeping/security necessities when in the outdoors. More importantly, I hope to create a little memorable experience sharing for myself and others along my journey, and hopefully make a few friends while I am at it. So, here I go, bringing my travels and stories on the bike, and couch surfing along the way!



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