The First Look


The above table is the first attempt at a schedule for the ride and it’s not without it’s problems. Lawrence is facing down 18 days of riding over a 21 day period through 7 different countries, with little time to transfer from one city to the next. There is also the cost issue, which, must be kept in check. One potential solution is to sleep on overnight trains and ride the next day, although the transfers are short distances and it makes for restless sleeping. All told, Lawrence plans to ride 16 ‘official’ pro-tour stages, have 3 rest/travel days and 3 days of riding between cities outside of those on the official race schedule – This is mostly to cover the individual time trial stages and awkward schedule synchronicity. This schedule is likely to be revised on an ongoing basis, but this gives us an idea of what’s ahead. The total kilometers look about right though as right now we have only calculated for the 16 ‘official’ stages, meaning the actual total distance is likely to swell by approximately 300-400 km’s.


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