It’s on.

Book Flight - CHECK
Book Flight - CHECK

I have the green light for go. I just purchased my flight today and will be arriving in Germany the 3rd of May. With the route plans to be finalized in detail, I thought it would be the best to fly into somewhere central – so I chose Frankfurt. What I do know is this gives me only 6 days to be in Venice for the start of the Giro. I would even like to be there on the 8th of May. I will likely be relying on trains for most of the transition traveling and this affords me as good of starting point as any. So here I am. Checking of a big first goal complete. Buying my plane ticket. I chose to fly with Air Transat, a familiar company for me which has low fares. Flying with Air Transat has been decent in the past, but the big benefit is that they take bikes for free, for now at least. This helps keep costs down. I know other airlines charge as little as $20cdn up to the highest I have seen is $300cdn. However, like most low cost airlines in these tough economic times, services are at a premium. Air Transat is also a Montréal-based company like Cervélo – the bicycle design group which sponsors both the Saxo-Bank team and the Cervélo Test team. However, I’m definitely not flying with a pro-team budget so my flight won’t be in first-class, it’s all economy-class for me.



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