A bit about our rider.

Lawrence ascending Mt. Seymour Photo Credit: Scott Staniland
Photo Credit: Scott Staniland

So what professional do we have lined up to do all this riding? Err…professional – we don’t have one. Who we have, is Lawrence. Lawrence founded Cima Coppi, the modest little bicycling product-maker from East Vancouver in mid-2008 which is a great source of creative enjoyment for him. Well, he also enjoys riding his bike. In 2002, Lawrence crushed his Volvo (read recycled) into a big metal cube and started commuting by bicycle, and he has never gone back. Now, Lawrence has never raced, or even competed professionally, but he has done some riding  in his time. In 2003, he rode solo, 330km’s from Montreal, Quebec to Kingston, Ontario in 10hrs 59minutes. In 2006, he ascended and descended the local Mt.Seymour highway 10 times eclipsing the vertical gain of Mt.Everest by 292ft for a total of  29,492ft of climbing in 12 hours and 3 minutes. He did this 10:1 ride in order to help raise money for cancer research after both his Mother’s parents passed on from the illness in 2005. Most recently, in the summer of 2007 he rode his fixed gear bicycle, again alone, from Karlskrona, Sweden to San Sebastian, Spain in 15 days, during a ride in which he said “I’m taking the Easy Route.” So how does Lawrence feel about this newest challenge? He says “I’m scared, cause I think I can do it, but I have a pretty good idea of how hard it is going be, and that just makes me want to go surfing instead.”


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