A Grand Tour Plan, set in motion

This is what we're looking forward to.
This is what we're looking forward to.

This is the inaugural post for the first Cima Coppi Rides tour throughout Europe. Here are the details:

The Goal: During the month of May 2009 an attempt will be made to bicycle an ‘equivalent-to’ Grand tour comprised of 21 days (stages) of the three grand tours of professional cycling. There are three Grand Tours in professional cycling – the Giro D’Italia in May, the Tour De France in July and the Vuelta a España in September. Each of these Grand Tours are comprised of 21 days of cycling over a 23 day period with the average distance of each grand tour in 2009 being 3366km.

The Motivation: This is an opportunity to explore three of the most prestigious events in cycling in one trip. Additionally, the grand tours are an amazing way to explore European lifestyle, culture and geography. Lastly, it is the hundredth centenary of the Giro and the home of the Cima Coppi mountain stage. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? For you who are reading this blog, we hope that this is an event that you can participate in as well – whether it be offering local support, encouragment along the way or finding something meaningful from this in ways we can’t predict.

The Details: Vancouver, Canada is home base, where all of the planning, preparation and training will happen until arrival into Europe. Then the road becomes home for about 30 days. The tour will begin in the north of Europe, then moving on to attend the Giro D’Italia from May 9th – Mid May and ending in Barcelona. The plan is to ride the first 9 or 10 stages of the Giro D’Italia the morning of the day the Pros will do the same.

So, this is day one of about 61 of the pre-ride preparations, and there is much to do! Check back for daily progress updates.


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