New 2014 Cima Coppi Website


After several weeks (months??) of emptying growlers, abusing caffeine, and losing sleep over this thing, our new website is finally up and running! We’ve done a complete renovation of our home in the interwebs and, although we’re still ironing out some small kinks, you’ll already see that our new website is much cleaner and easier to navigate. We’ve made it responsive on mobile devices, have integrated secured payments with most major credit cards, let you sign up to the site to have  your shipping details and order history saved for your next visit and even have a couple of new products on display  more coming soon!

Go check it out and let us know what you think!

Wildabouts – Monthly S240 group rides


We are starting a new three season series of S24O monthly group rides. A S24O, as coined by Rivendell’s Grant Peterson, is a Sub 24-hour Overnighter, which shifts the focus of riding from fitness/competition to utility. The rides are typically short jaunts, at a casual pace as a means of getting “out” and away from the city to camp-away the evening in the wild.

We found ourselves faced with a question when we picked up the current Georgia Straight and it’s feature: “Get out of Town – Great destinations within driving distance of the lower mainland” : GSCover

What if you don’t have a car? Or perhaps you do have a car but you want to get out of town without driving?

Immediately, the hamster wheel starts turning. Ok, this is Vancouver. BC. Ca-na-da. The wild is just out there, right? But is it? The Georgia Straight lists drive-able destinations as far flung as Nelson (658km) and Barkerville (750km). Wow. On a list of only ten BC suggestions, do you really have to drive the return equivalent of crossing the length of Belgium 4 times?!? Sure, some of those are clearly not overnighters, but at what point in 15 hours of driving does “get-away” become “damn serious road trip?” Anyway, the question is, what if you have a weekend, you chose to bike, and want to bring a tent?

Sure, we all know a few bike-able sites, but thinking of a dozen is really tough. This is Canada? So, we’re going to lead some rides. We searched long and hard for adequate, local and truly “wild” places to camp. These aren’t RV-prepped lawns in Langley. These sites are accessible at a casual, no-drop-ride pace leaving after work on Friday evening to be at the site before dusk. They will have various levels of amenities, and the maximum distance of most is about 50km riding (about 2-2.5 hours casual pace). We return Saturday morning to be home for lunch and you’ll have the full weekend remaining!

Many of these places we haven’t even been to ourselves and some of them will be an adventure to get to. So, get your bags dusted off, some bungee cords or a rack, a tent and a sleeping bag and join us for some outdoor fun!

Stay tuned for ride announcements, you know, if you think you can handle a little wildabout.

2014 Pacific Populaire – April 6th


The 2014 BC Randonneurs Pacific Populaire runs this Sunday April 6th. What is perhaps one of the most anticipated days in the early season Vancouver enthusiast cycling calendar, the Populaire runs for the 29th edition of the spring 25km/50km/100km classic. The introduction to randonneuring ride starts at 9:00am and be there early to register if you haven’t already.

Also running on April 6th is the Ronde Van Vlaandaren monument, which if it isn’t the best single day race in the pro calendar, it’s certainly one of them with all the cobbled climbs and early season drama in Flanders. Tom Boonen and Fabian Cancellara go head to head again for classics supremacy as the youngsters of Peter Sagan, Sep Vanmarke, and Guillaume Van Keirsbulck aim to push the elder statesmen off the podium.

You can catch the race on TV at Musette Caffe Burrard prior to the populaire and fill up on their great morning breakfasts if you need a little motivation to get up early and be prepped for the Populaire.

Spring riding and racing is in full swing, and if you haven’t been out, there’s no excuses now.